Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday what a great Sunday

No problems once more today with getting ready Kodi got up and got dressed when I asked him, both kids even took a bath this morning. We got to church on time and we were excited since Uncle Scott was giving one of the talks today. Kingston of course started screaming again, so I spent alot of time holding him and talking to him about not yelling.
Once Scott started his talk we went back in, of course Kingston was excited to see Scott up front and started Yelling for him. So I went back into the Mother's room where Tara and the twins were at, we were able to listen to the talk and KK played.

I than headed to nursery our nursey class is so very small, we have about 9 kids total and that is with the two new kids that joined us today. All the kids are around 20 months, Kingston is the youngest but that is because I am in there so he has to be, which is just fine by me. He is a litte trooper he plays with all the kids, and will go and sit down and listen for the most part to the 5 minute lesson.

Our nursery leader was sick today so it was me and her sub, I did the lesson which was on The Scriptures teach me about Jesus. They did very good with the lesson and than colored the picture book I made for them.

Over all 2nd and 3rd hour for us was great, I love the little children I help teach, they are such a sweet group of children.

We are waiting for Wednesday to come, which I am sure the next three days will take forever, but we are booked this week of things to keep us busy. We start the beach schedule all over again, which means we are off the beach again tomorrow morning at 10 and will be out playing until 1. Than we will be heading back to tara's house for nap time, and so down time which will be much needed. Than the kids play and we will head back home.
We will repeat the beach schedule on Tuesday but we will have TTP at 1 and than we will head back home to pack and get the things ready for us to leave Wed afternoon.
We can't wait to see Daddy.


Jami said...

Yay!!! I am so so so excited for you!!! Can't wait to see the pics!