Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Day in the water

We spent the majority of our day in the water. We started off this very hot day with a walk, which I was not too bad since I knew we were heading to the lake afterwords. We met Tara and the kids again at the Lake for swimming lessons, which Inara doesn't like at all, my kids were able to swim for about and hour or a little more before we had to head to TTP.
While we were at the Lake Dakota was jumping off the dock with no fear, he loved it Kingston just wanted to be near Tara and one of the twins and just play in the sand and water. Which was great since Tara was able to sit down and watch KK. Haleigh was not to sure about jumping off the Dock at first, but finally got the hang of it.

Sara and Megan said Kodi is doing great, his colors are getting so much better he is able to say each one when he is asked what color is this. He was having trouble telling you which color was which, he knew them because when were asking him to find the "green circle" he would be able to find it and hand it to her, but when he was asked "what color is this" he was having that trouble. But he is able to tell us that know. We are still working on his shapes and drawing them, he is making progress on his circles with the starting and stopping. We practise drawing circles and shapes during church.

After TTP we headed back into the water at the Hanus house. When we first arrived it was getting a little cloudy and dark out but it hadn't started to rain so we headed out to the pool and of course once we all got in it started to rain, well the rain only lasted for about 15 minutes and than it was over.
Kodi again had no fear with jumping off the diving board, he was pretty funny he had found a snorkal mouth piece, fins and some goggles. I just had to laugh at him. Kingston was going down the slide right into my arms he loved it. Both my kids have no fear in the water and are fishes, just like their mom.

We love the Hanus family and I am grateful my kids are able to know them. It was a fun day out in the sun. We are heading back to the beach tomorrow and than to Tara's house for the garage sale! I hope we can stay cool since it's suppose to be hot again.