Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1 Month from Today we will be with Aaron

I can't believe that he is almost done with bootcamp. He is set to graduate on July 2. I finally got the information in the mail about his graduation, and all the rules that go with it. He is on the Grad and Go program, so we will be able to see him for a little bit and than he is off to check in at "A" school, which could take up to 5 hours.
My Mom is going with us and will be helping me out for the morning and than she is flying back home. She has a friend who works for Marriott and is letting us use her Friends and Family discount. I am so very thankful for her, it's saving us a ton.

Today was Kodi's last day of school. He was very happy to be going today since he had the sharing bag. He wanted to bring his new transformer, and I looked and looked for it last night and could not find it. I did find another one. I was telling him this morning that I could not find it, as I was putting my make up on in the bathroom. He looked at me and opened the laundry shoot door and said "Look Mom I found it."
I would have never guess to have looked there, silly kid.

I did get a call from The Therapy place about his Speech and Tricare sent the go ahead for speech but they had not heard back about OT. Which I was happy about I did not want to stop him in the middle of his treatment, plus he was looking forward to this session since it was suppose to be Jack's last day. But when we got to TTP we found out Jack was sick.
But the good news was that Tricare OKed OT for him.
They said today was his best day, he has had in a long time. A Rock Star they called him.

Thank you Grandma and Papa for the coloring pages, Kodi was very excited about getting them. He painted his picture tonight before bed. He was so happy to have it. So thank you.

It's now summer break for us which is wondertful, it means I don't have to fight with Kodi about getting up. He can stay up a little later and I won't worry about him getting tired in the morning.

I am glad it's summer for us.