Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boy was it HOT today

Max crawling
Leo not
Kodi jumping off the slide

Kingston putting his head in the sprinkler

Round 2

Round 3

Happy Boy

Kodi in his Very Big Swim suit

Getting a drink of water
So it did rain this morning, and we thought it was going to be a rain out for the garage sale, boy where we WRONG. It turned out to be a very hot great day. So let's pray that tomorrow is going to just as nice as today.

The good news is that the kids played outside again in the sprinkler, and all four loved it. Kodi had a fit as the kids where getting ready, because the bathing suit grandma bought for him was too big, and it fit Xander, instead. Well he finally came out and was wearing Xander's suit which was way too big. He fit through one of the mesh legs inside of the bathing suit. He was very cute, he did not mind that it was so big on him.

Kingston loved putting his face straight into the water, he loved it. He has no fear at all, he played so very hard outside, and ran all around. The twins even came out, they did not get wet but enjoyed being outside with all of us.

Aaron can't believe how fast the past 6 weeks have gone, and he is very excited to be done with basic training. We leave to see him two weeks from yesterday.

Life is good for us and we thank all of you who have been praying for our little family. Those prayers have been felt and we are very blessed to have all you praying for us. Aaron can tell when we pray for him and when he is about to break he gets a boost of the blessing of prayer and he is able to make it.