Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Friends

Kodi and Haleigh a pretty good day for the two of them, not too much fighting, and no one had any time out's which was great.
Kodi has been playing with the next door boys, the last couple of days and loves being able to be outside with some friends.
Tonight he waited for them while they put together a new phone they got in the mail, Kodi was so very excited when the came looking for him. He stayed outside until it was bedtime. He did not want to leave his two new friends. I told them they would be able to come over tomorrow and play with Kodi and Haleigh tomorrow. All three boys were pretty excited about that news.
Kodi came right in and settled down for bed. Kingston was pretty cute while he was getting ready for bed, he talked to Aaron while he was in bed and just kept saying "Dadda, Dadda" and than kissing the phone.
Kodi at first did not want to call Daddy and say good-night to him, but after we texted him he decided he wanted tocall and say good-night, so he told Aaron about his day and how he was happy to have made new friends.
Aaron is doing well, he actually started classes today, and is enjoying his one class he has.
I am doing fine, still pretty tired and it seems that my energy goes away around 4 if I am sitting down I am no good to anyone. The kids are pretty good for me when I am tired, which is a blessing.