Monday, July 13, 2009

Much better day

We had a much better day today, Kodi loved playing with Haleigh and Inara, and all three actually listened to me today. Which was a first in a while, they spent a good deal of their day outside, looking at the cat which was locked in the shed. Yes that is right, a little kitty had gotten it's self locked in our shed, we have been trying to get the Kitty to come out, but it just won't. I think Grandpa did not believe us when we kept telling him the Kitty was in there, well today the little Kitty was looking out the window and the kids were very concerned with the Kitty.
We found the spare shed key and unlocked the door and out came the little kitty. We did not know where she lived, or if she had owners. Thankfully she made her way home, which was only 4 houses away and her owner came down to thank us.
Today for FHE we had a very nice and short lesson on how the gospel is applied to all things in our lives, Grandma had a little bag with three items, which Kodi gave out and than we had to say how the items worked in the gospel. I was given a sock so I used it was a symbol of your body and when you die you leave your body and you have your spirit still. I thought it was a pretty good one. Than we took a bike ride down to DQ for our treat, the Boys loved the bike ride, and my legs are sore.
Aaron is doing good, he went to FHE as well and than was off to bed he gets up at 5 during the week and they did a bunch of moving desks and other things around today, which they will continue tomorrow.
Tomorrow we are off to see my OB, so pray the kids will be good for me.