Monday, August 3, 2009

The days are getting warmer :)

We are finally get some warmer weather coming our way, the kids are super excited about that. It was so very cute today Kodi asked me if TT and the kids could come over to play so I dialed their home phone and he called Tara. Asking if Inara and Xander could come over for a "Play Date" of course they came over. Tara thought it was so very sweet of Kodi to call her and ask, the kids played outside for most of the day, around nap time they come in for about an hour to have some quite and cool off time.
Than it was back oustide for them. Tara and the kids stayed until about 4ish and than they headed back home. We always have a great time with, Xander and Inara. Today Xander brought his bike with him, the we spent a good deal of time in the front yard letting the kids ride around. Of course they all loved it. Kodi is getting very good at his little 3 wheeled little razor. He wears his helmet and zips around on it.
Kingston just follows the kids around wanting so very bad to be a big kid, I brought out his little Mickey rider to go on and for some reason he loves to go backwords on it. Even when he is driving the Harley or Tara's power wheels he goes backwords, silly little boy. But he has a good time and that is the best part.

After they left we made dinner, Kodi is here helping me make eggs in a frame, which he loves to eat, Kingston decide to squish one of the cherry tomatoes and it sprayed him right in the face, it was pretty funny. Of course he did not eat it, but he did have a good time doing that.
Kodi has been playing outside with the neighbor boys and loves it, tonight they came over and played in the backyard, for about 2 hours. We got out the squirt guns and they had a good time with that. Than it was FHE time which Kodi and I told the boys about, and Kodi was excited to explain what we do. Which was great to see him get so excited over.
My Mom told a very short story about faith and than gave Kodi some M&M's which were apart of the story, he thought that was pretty cool.
Aaron has watch this week, and his turn is in tomorrow morning from 2-4 am. Which he is not looking forward to but cant' wait for it to be over. He takes his third test this week and is looking foward to doing well and getting off base leave. Not sure what he will do with off base leave, he told me he might just go stand of the other side of the wall because he can. LOL
I am sure he will make a stop at the local mall and have a good time with his friend. He has made some good friends, one is in his little branch if you want to call it that, he is a year young than Aaron and our kids are about the same age give or take a few years. But he is on the main side of the base and not on the Core side.
We are excited for the end of the month since they are "saying" Aaron should be picking orders on the 26th, which means we will find out where we will be heading after he is done with "A" school :)