Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Sunshine

Yes another great day for playing outside. We went to Target to pick up Kodi's backpack for his speech class he has this fall, he is not looking forward to going to a new school, and is very sad that he will not be with his old Teacher Jane. I am hoping with a lot of talking about before hand and preparation for the new Teacher and school he will be just fine.
I talked to Meghan today his OT and she is very happy with the progress he is making, we have three new goals to be working on, the first one is to be able to jump with both feet together. He jumps with either one foot in front, or both feet apart. Second goal is for him to be able to throw under hand, he is able to throw over hand just fine, but can't do under hand. The third working on eating more fruits and vegs. With his sensory issues eating a variety of foods is a challenge for us. Today was the first day they tried some new foods with him, they played with some cherry applesauce drawing in it, he took a bit of a green bean and than spit it out, and played with a little kernel of corn. The program they use with the kids is called the SOS Approach to Feeding I am very excited about this program for Kodi and all that goes with it.
Both of his therapist love how much he has done with in the past 9 months he has been there. I am very thankful for both of them and the hard work they put into helping Kodi. He is a totally different little boy now that we know how to deal with his Sensory Issues and are able to help him.
Kingston has no fear once again it was brought to our attention as he tried to jump off the back steps. He just wants to be like the big kids so much, he follows them around and tries to do everything they do. I caught him again climbing up our bikes and sitting on them trying to ride. He is so very silent when he is getting into trouble, right now his favorite place to be in sitting in the fridge. He loves to open the door and sit in front of the crispers. I am not sure why, but he loves it. LOL
Aaron takes his next test tomorrow and with that test comes more off bast liberty, he is very excited for that. He has a very long day today. He was up at 1 am to get ready for his watch from 2-4 am and than stayed awake all day and is now studying for his test tomorrow. I am hoping he gets a better nights sleep than last night. His room smoke detector went off last night about 10 pm which meant he lost another hours worth of sleep.
I am doing great I am able to feel the baby move all around. This one keeps me up at night, both boys did not mind me going to bed, but this little one is moving around like crazy. I am doing pretty good with not feeling to sick. But when I do I just get out my ease and smell it makes a world of difference. So thanks Mom.