Thursday, August 27, 2009

Only two more months at least that is what we are hoping for!

I am sorry I have not been keeping up with the blog. Life is a little hard Dakota is having a really hard time with Daddy being gone, which in turn is very hard on me. We went down last weekend to visit Daddy and Dakota had meltdown after meltdown. Which we have continued since we have been home.
I am very stressed out from this, I finally emailed his OT to find out what I can be doing different to help him out even more. We have increased his brushing to be 3-5 times a day, we will be starting his music therapy again, and doing a lot more sensory diet each day. He is having a huge overload of emotion and doesn't know how to deal with missing daddy.
Aaron is a huge help with talking to me each night and helping me get thur the day, he right now has the outside look for helping Dakota. After all is said and done, Dakota just misses Daddy, and Daddy misses him.
Yesterday was our 9th anniversary and I am looking forward to having 9 more wonderful years ahead of us. I am very lucky to have married my best friend, one who understands me and who is willing to help me when I need it. He is a wonderful man, a wonderful father.
I am so very proud to be married to him and how hard he works at making sure we are taken care of. He is very blessed to have two wonderful little boys, and one on the way. We love Daddy very much and can't wait until Oct 23 to see him at least for 14 days!


Jami said...

That stinks that you guys couldn't be together on your anniversary, I hope it was ok for you both, anyway. You guys really were made for each other and work so well together. Your kids are so blessed to have you both as parents! It was definitely meant to be! Also, congrats on the gender of your baby! Names? (I wasn't sure if you were making it totally public yet...)

Jami said...

Oh, and I'm glad I could pass on some clothes that you need, that's always fun! And they're so super cute, too! I believe there are some Christmas outfits, even, if K kept any of those. I was bummed we couldn't wear all of them, they grow so stinkin' fast! He's five months yesterday and already in 6-9 months clothes.

Jami said...

Geesh... blonde moment... but you never know, your babin might just come before Christmas to make things easier for you guys, right? duh. lol