Sunday, August 9, 2009

The kids first really big storm

Yesterday was a very muggy day for us. We started off the day with

rain and no sun. Which for us was a bummer since we were heading over to Julia's party. So needless to say I did not bring the kids swim suits for the little pirate pool. Of course once we got over to their house the Sun was out and it was beatiful.
Carrie had the kids put their own toppings on the cupcakes which they loved.
Kingston decided he was going to head over to the little pool and go swimming I stopped him once, but the second time he was faster than he. Clothes and all he was soaked from head to foot. Of course he loved it. Thankfully I had some swim diapers in the car for him to wear. Out of his wet clothes and into his swim diaper he went.
Kodi decided not to change into the pair of shorts I had for him, but to stay in his pants. By the end of the party each kid had a balloon and they were playing with them outside. It was a great party and they loved it.

Of course Kingston fell asleep on the way home, and only got a 30 minute nap in for the day. But he was happy to see Grandma and Pa. Grandpa had hurt his back on Friday and is moving pretty slow. Kingston found Pa's hat and was wearing it around until they left for the store and Dr office to have Pa's back checked out.
Aaron has duty this week and is not allowed to leave the building unless for chow, and an hour of exercise. So he has been inside studying and playing on the computer.