Monday, March 28, 2011

Another day

Yes it's Monday and another start to a week. The boys are still at times driving me crazy, but that is my life. I was happy to hear back from the lady from the Department of Education in Virginia I have been emailing her about how we can get Kodi into a different public school. They have some laws about Military and schools and I wanted to know what she knew and if she could help us out. She was out of the office today but I did receive and email this morning from her asking for my phone number so she could call and talk to me. Let's pray it's good news and we can figure something out.

No word yet on when Peyton will be having surgery again for his little man parts, his
testicles have not dropped and we need to get that fixed. Poor kid he just can't seem to win. KK is still on meds for his ears, we go and see Tibsear next week for his ears to be checked again. I think this is the 4th ear infection for him and they get pretty bad. I caught this one a little earlier than usually which is great.
We are starting to count down the days until we are back with Aaron next Friday is when he flies in and than sometime that week we will leave to go back home. It will be a bitter sweet leave. We have had a great time there and very grateful for being here.