Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Great weekend

It has been a wonderful weekend for us, Friday night we spent at the Hawks house while I watched all the kids. My two favorite girls came over to see us, we love Emilie and Ali, it was great to spend time with them and the kids.

Saturday we went to the children's museum and played and plays for about 4 hours. All the kids did great. We had a total of 9 kids and 4 adults, it was busy but not to bad. We spent a lot of time at the Legos exhibit which was a lot of fun, they played and played with the legos.
We than went into the Woods exhibit that one the kids would have spent the whole day in. They loved seeing and touching the turtle I think if I would have let KK he would have spent the whole day looking and touching the two turtles they had out. In the room there is an ant hill the kids can play and run under the hill through tunnels and slides. It was a blast for them Peyton even got down and ran around.
We than stopped for lunch, ate a little bit and headed back into another room. It was the little city the twins had a great time in the grocery store and Peyton played in the mail room, the big kids ran around and did the rock star room, drove the bus. We left the water room to the end, of course it was a huge hit. Peyton loved playing in the water as well as Leo and Max. There are 4 tables they can play in, and than a bubble table.
All I can say was it was a blast and all the kids had a wonderful time. Kodi did not meltdown and did a great job with all the people around.
Today was a good day at church, I was able to listen in RS which I don't ever get to do. I only have two more Sundays until we are back in our ward and back in Primary. We than came home and the boys have been great. A little tired for yesterday but it was all good today. I got all of them in bed and sleep by 8:30 tonight. Only two more weeks until we see Aaron and than go back home.