Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why is it so cold here!

We had a fun filled day at Tara's house, which was nice the kids played in the front yard while she cleaned her car out. Haleigh worked on riding Inara's bike, along with Kodi and Inara. He is working so very hard at riding a big kid bike. Which is what he will be getting from Aaron and I for his birthday.

We had a great lunch with the kids, my two actually ate the lunch we had made, and than went back for more playing. Tara and I both decided to take the kids to some garage sales, and let the babies sleep in the car while we drove around. Of course we hit one great sale, Kodi got a remote control car which he was very happy with. Kingston just stayed asleep in the car, the rest of the ones we found were not so good.

I had been watching the skies during our little outting for it was getting so very dark, and the rain was coming. So we said good bye to them and headed back to our house. The kids ran inside and waited for the storm to hit. Well the storm we were watching for did not really happen, it rained for about 15 minutes blue skies came back and it was very nice out.

I am not sure what is going on with our summer weather but I really do not like it one bit. We have not seen good warm even hot weather since the end of June. It's been pretty cool here, like fall weather very strange I have to say.

I did take some pictures of the boys and Aaron is bugging me to post them so here is Kodi with his new hair do.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Birthday

Yes it's my birthday, and thanks to my wonderful Family I had a great one. The kids were pretty good for me today, we did nothing special just had a good time outside playing and being silly.
I think I might have fixed my camera a little bit, not sure at least some of the pictures will come into focus now. I think I am still going to take it in and see what the store says. Maybe just maybe they can fix it, without it costing us a new camera.
Tara and I made plans to go out tonight for alittle no kid time, so my mom took my kids out for ice cream and called to tell me she was going to take them over to a good friend of hers. I was headed to target to pick up some bleach for Tara, the cloth diapers were in need of a bleach treatment and she forget to buy some today.
When I got to her house I noticed the house was ready for night time, so I called and she let me in the garage, and asking me to go and look at the new mirror she bought for the fireplace, well it was a surprise party for me. It was a very nice surprise for me, the whole family was at the party, along with my aunt and my cousin and his family. Uncle Dave made it as well, the Hanus's came and it was a great way to end the night.

Another great surprise is that Dan and Cherstin welcome their new daughter into the world this morning, so there are now two Hamblins that share the same birthday.

Aaron is doing great, he has test number 2 tomorrow. He has been study for this test and is praying he does very well on it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kodi got his wild hair finally cut!

Ok so getting our son Kodi to cut his hair has been a huge battle for us, with this sensory problems hair cutting as well as washing his hair is a battle. So needless to say while Daddy has not been home to help me I have not gotten his hair cut, but we have been talking about getting his hair cut for a couple of days and I just continued to ask him. I told him they would not use the clippers, but the scissors, and he seemed ok with that, but it was a no go until this afternoon.
We were outside talking about getting his hair cut and at first he told me no, and than all of a sudden
he said "Mommy cut my hair,"
I turned and said "Right now"
"Yes Go to the Mall and lady cut my Hair"

With that being said I up and left, I was not going to let his chance pass us by. I did buy him a transformer on the way in so he could hold it while they cut his hair. I said countless prayers as we made our way into the mall.

The lady called his name and he went up and sat in the chair, let her spray his hair down and he told her
"My Mommy say no use those (the clippers) just scissors"
Of course for around his ears and his hair line in the bak she had to use the little clippers, but it was a HUGE step for my son. He did not scream, cry or fight us on this. Both Aaron and I are very proud of him. Kodi was proud of himself as well.

He is doing great with washing his air and loves the bath which is good, the Lord has blessed him in so many ways with the help he needs with his speech and sensory problems.

I would be posting pictures of his hair cut, but Kodi was using my camera yesterday and now it doesn't work. He was so proud that he was taking pictures all by himself. LOL now I need either to get the camera fixed or a new one.
Of course when I asked him if he knew he had broken the camera he had no idea what I was talking about, I think when he was using the focus his little finger was stopping the camera from zooming in and out, which in turn doesn't work now.

Aaron now has the internet, thanks to me sending him our laptop which I miss greatly already, but since it will help him and I had both the laptop and the desktop, I needed to share. It's wonderful to be able to chat with him at night.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mommy and Dakota time

I had another great day, my mom offered to watch KK, Inara and the twins so I could go and see Harry Portter with Kodi, Tara,Scott and Xander. I told Kodi that he and Mommy would be going on a date to a movie, which he thought was pretty cool.
He did pretty good with the Movie at times it was slow for him, but over all he was great sitting and eatting his three bag fulls of popcorn.
Once we got home I finished cleaning our room which was in bad need of a good cleaning. I put away the clothes I washed and made our bed and it felt very nice to have a the two rooms I live in be clean.
Not much with us is going on so that is it, I am tired since both boys did not sleep well last night, so I am off to bed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday Party

We have had another great weekend, the weather was pretty good for the Birthday Party that we went to for my cousin's little girl who turned 3 . It was a great time and the kids had a blast, we than headed over to Tara's house for a get together with some great friends.

Both of my kids had enough of people and Kingston was turning into a bear so we left and came home. I was able to put both kids to bed and have some what of a quite evening, talking to Aaron. He is doing well, "A" school is going and he is enjoying his classes. He took his first test and did very well.
Today as been a fairly good day for us, church was church I was talking to the nursery leader and she told me that we will be getting (let's keep our fingers crossed) another person to be in with us. Right now we are the only two adults, but we have a small and growing nursery. For some reason the kids were having a hard time coming into nursery and did not want to part from their parents.

But all and all it was good for us at church. We came home and have had a very nice afternoon, and the boys have been great.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Friends

Kodi and Haleigh a pretty good day for the two of them, not too much fighting, and no one had any time out's which was great.
Kodi has been playing with the next door boys, the last couple of days and loves being able to be outside with some friends.
Tonight he waited for them while they put together a new phone they got in the mail, Kodi was so very excited when the came looking for him. He stayed outside until it was bedtime. He did not want to leave his two new friends. I told them they would be able to come over tomorrow and play with Kodi and Haleigh tomorrow. All three boys were pretty excited about that news.
Kodi came right in and settled down for bed. Kingston was pretty cute while he was getting ready for bed, he talked to Aaron while he was in bed and just kept saying "Dadda, Dadda" and than kissing the phone.
Kodi at first did not want to call Daddy and say good-night to him, but after we texted him he decided he wanted tocall and say good-night, so he told Aaron about his day and how he was happy to have made new friends.
Aaron is doing well, he actually started classes today, and is enjoying his one class he has.
I am doing fine, still pretty tired and it seems that my energy goes away around 4 if I am sitting down I am no good to anyone. The kids are pretty good for me when I am tired, which is a blessing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tea Party

Here are the pictures I took of Katy and Adam's Tea Party, it was a great party Tara did a wonderful job of getting the decorations finished setting it all up. Sonita and Macie's cake turned out great, many hours went into the cake and everything else we did to set up for the party. It was a great celebration of their marriage and I am glad we were able to help Katy with her Tea Party.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend

This Sunday we are celebrating Katy and Adam's wedding, I know it's almost been a year but they did not have a reception with their friend but we had a very small family celebration after their were married.
This party we are having is a huge thing for us, Tara has been such a great sport, getting everything ready, plus it's at her house. So we will be heading over in the morning to help clean and do some baking.
The kids had a pretty good day, Kodi woke up asking if we would go and play at TT's house since we have not been over to her house since we came back. Xander has had swim lessons over at the Middle school right by our parents house. So they have been over every morning around 10 to drop off Inara and one of the twins for me to watch while she take Xander and the other twin with her.
Aaron starts classes tomorrow he is looking forward to being in class.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It was another good day

We have been running since this morning and it seems like we spent most of the day in the car. We got up and got ready for my OB appt, which went great, we are little sad since my Doc won't let me travel after Thanksgiving which means our Disney Trip with my Family won't be happening for us. We are trying to figure out if we will be able to go down just the 4 of us in Oct, we have been telling Kodi he will be doing to Disney World after Daddy is done with Training.
Everything looks good for me and the Baby, my OB is very happy with everything and thinks my due date is off, next month I go for my Ultrasound so we will see.
The kids were great while I was seeing the OB they watched the movie and ate their lunch, which was a little early but that was ok. We than headed to the Bank and over the Kmart by our house since they are closing. I ended up getting new head lights for our car and changed them once we got back after TTP. It had been raining and I knew we would be going out for dinner with my Mom and did not want to be without head lights. Kodi thought I was pretty strong for doing that.
Kingston did not want to go to bed tonight, I saw a text from Aaron so I knew he was still awake and I called him, Aaron ended up putting Kingston to sleep just by talking to him. It was so very cute,KK was holding the phone to his ear, I put the phone on speaker when Aaron talks to KK, and he just talked about his day and than started to whistle to him. Didn't take long for Kingston to settle back down and go to sleep. He was missing his Daddy pretty bad tonight, but I think that was because I was putting him to bed and he thought maybe Daddy would save him from going to sleep.
Kodi was hanging with Grandma tonight, and he was so very excited to tell him that Grandpa started his Harley he has been putting back together, so after Kingston was asleep I went outside to see. Grandpa was so very proud of himself for putting the bike back together. Kodi kept telling my Mom "my Pa amazing" he loves watching Grandpa work on his bike.
We than went inside and read some stories, and Kodi fell asleep in my arms while I read the last book to him. What a good way to end the day.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Much better day

We had a much better day today, Kodi loved playing with Haleigh and Inara, and all three actually listened to me today. Which was a first in a while, they spent a good deal of their day outside, looking at the cat which was locked in the shed. Yes that is right, a little kitty had gotten it's self locked in our shed, we have been trying to get the Kitty to come out, but it just won't. I think Grandpa did not believe us when we kept telling him the Kitty was in there, well today the little Kitty was looking out the window and the kids were very concerned with the Kitty.
We found the spare shed key and unlocked the door and out came the little kitty. We did not know where she lived, or if she had owners. Thankfully she made her way home, which was only 4 houses away and her owner came down to thank us.
Today for FHE we had a very nice and short lesson on how the gospel is applied to all things in our lives, Grandma had a little bag with three items, which Kodi gave out and than we had to say how the items worked in the gospel. I was given a sock so I used it was a symbol of your body and when you die you leave your body and you have your spirit still. I thought it was a pretty good one. Than we took a bike ride down to DQ for our treat, the Boys loved the bike ride, and my legs are sore.
Aaron is doing good, he went to FHE as well and than was off to bed he gets up at 5 during the week and they did a bunch of moving desks and other things around today, which they will continue tomorrow.
Tomorrow we are off to see my OB, so pray the kids will be good for me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another crazy day for us

Both Kodi and I have colds, which means I don't feel good as well as he doesnt, which in Kodi language means he is just going to put up a fit for me when I ask him to do anything.
We started off pretty good getting ready for church but once in the car and going, he started having a fit since I did not get the Movie going for him. Well the Monster Bag came and took his movie away as well as two more toys. He seems to really listen when I tell him the Monster Bag is going to come and take away his toys when he is not listening.
Once we got to church it was good, he listened and played great with his toys, Kingston and I had a great time in nursey we only had 4 kids today, very nice since I did not feel that good.
I am so very proud of Kingston today, he did not nurse at all, I was cutting him down to only nap and bedtime, he fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep so I got a nap in as well. Bedtime came and he was just a bear I warmed up some milk for him let him have some and than I put him down. He asked once to nurse and that was it, he curled up in my arms and went to sleep. Both Aaron and I have been praying that this process would be fast and he would do just fine.
I don't know why the past couple of days have been so very hard for me to get to do anything around the house, I don't have very much energy I thought I was over that part of my pregnancy but I guess not. By the time it's bedtime I am so very ready. Bedtime for me is my time when I get my work done, post on our blog, talked to Aaron for a little bit, fold laundry but lately I don't even get most of those done. I am just so very tired, I don't like it one bit.
Maybe this week it will be a little better, I go and see my OB on Tuesday so I am excited for that. I should be looking for someone to watch the older kids, but my OB does like to see all the kids as well, so if I have to take them I will it's not that big of a deal, I figured I would just bring the little DVD player and put on a movie for them, with some snacks it will be all good.
Tomorrow is a new day and I am praying it goes better.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am glad this day is over

It's been one of those days with Kodi and Kingston, I am not sure what is going on with the two of them, but Kodi was pushing all my buttons. Kingston was crabby and just wanted me to be around.
A couple of calls made to Daddy so he could talk to Kodi about his fits, which made to seem some difference for a little bit. I think he is getting a cold and is just being touchy about everything. Still not sure on the cold or not, I do know that both of us arent' feeling 100 % right now, there is something in the air for me that is getting my allergies and I think it's the same for Kodi which in turn will become a cold for him. I did give him some meds before bed and they knocked him out, he looked at me and said "my medicine making me tried," "Do you want to go to sleep" I asked him "Ok" and Kodi put his head down on his pillow and was out. I hope he has a better night than last night he was up at least 4 times coughing and just not doing well.
Kingston on the other hand sleeps all night long, and I have cut out the his morning nursing, and afternoon ones, so basically all he is nursing for is for nap and bedtime. He is doing great with that, and sometimes he doesn't nurse for nap cause he is naping in the car. Today he took a great nap 2 1/2 hours which he never does.
I was at a baby shower for a friend of mine and I thought when I left the boys would being giving grandma some troubles, but Kingston had just woken up and Kodi was playing with some building toys. Which made me pretty happy.
I am just glad my day is over, I told Aaron that the boys would of had a bad day whether he was here or not. He told me "yes" but if he was at home he would be able to help me out instead of having me deal with all of it, which is true.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Como Zoo

Today was Park Days, which was schedule for Como Zoo which is our Free Zoo in Saint Paul. We love the small but great Zoo.

Enjoy the pictures I took, we spent most of the morning at the Zoo and than just had a quite afternoon at home.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two days of Stress

A cute picture of Kingston eatting some cheese dip.

I have not been so good a updating my blog and I am sorry for that, we have been under a little bit of stress the last two days. Yesterday morning I was called from my work letting me know that my Mom was being taken to the hospital becauseshe was having chest pains. (A call you never want to get)
It was a long day of waiting and more waiting to hear what was going on with her. She made it to the ER after Pa had gotten there which made him nervous because she was not check in at all and they could not find her in the system.
I spent the rest of the morning, calling Family to let them know about Mom and ask for prayers.
They did a EKG which came back normal, blood tests came back normal this morning, and than she had a stress test today which came back normal. Needless to say they do not know what is going on with her, but her heart is in great shape.

She came home tonight, which was great, but all the stress from today and yesterday did take a toll on me, I was able to talk it over with Aaron which was a blessing for me. Being able to talk to him makes a world of difference for us, Kodi loves being able to just talk to his Daddy.

Tonight for dinner I decided it was going to be a breakfast night, Kodi wanted to make waffles so that is what we did. I found my Mom's very old waffle maker and I let him make the waffles. Needless to say the making time lasted twice as long but he had great fun making them, plus they were very tasty.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day of driving

I promised some pictures well I have a bunch but I really do suck at taking pictures most of them are no good, but I will post the ones that you can see Aaron.

We made it back home with no problems, the kids did pretty well in the car and it only took us 7 hours to drive home. Kodi watched his transformers all the way home, he just loves transformers. I could hear him talking to his self while the movie was playing,"Soldiers watch out, careful" it was pretty cute.

(Aaron is the 2nd one from the left)
We had a great time with Daddy this weekend, and it's so much easier being able to talk to Aaron during the day. His is done with his day around 4 so we are able to talk to him once he is back from class and other duties. It is crazy how just being able to talk to him makes all he difference. We have both decided that we are going to read scriptures together at night.

Both kids went down pretty well for bed, Kodi did want to know if we were going to get our "New Home". I had to tell him no not until Daddy is done in Oct. Which he will be done with "A" school Oct 25.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The start of 14 more weeks with Daddy

We have enjoyed our time with Aaron this 4th of July weekend. It has been a fun filled weekend just spending the time as a family. Sadly the time is coming to an end, his liberty expires at 8pm.
Neither one of us is looking forward to leaving and not having each other around. We have been blessed by the Lord and seeing our much our love has grown for one another in the past 8 years. We are truly each othe best friends, which makes this time so hard of each of us. Be boys will be sad to leave their Daddy here, but we made the 8 weeks with the help of Lord and will continue to use his help while we waiting for the next 14 weeks to past.
We are looking forward to being able to call Dady at night and talk to him each day, that will make the time go by a little faster.
We head home tomorrow which is a long drive but for us it's a drive was worth it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The weekend with Daddy

Yesterday was a day filled with joy a excited for our family. The boys did very well for sitting and waiting to see Daddy, we arrived on base around 7:30 and waited just like all the rest of the families until 9ish for the ceremory to start, once it started it took a little bit for the recuites to join us in the drill hall.
It was a wonderful site to see all 670 Recuites graduate and become sailors. By the end of Kingston and Kodi had had enough of sitting and waiting to go and see Daddy, I Kingston with me as I waited by the bathroom enterence for he is screaming. They call liberty to the Sailors and we were than able to go and meet Daddy. I wasn't sure where in his Division he was standing but we found him. Kingston wasn't sure at first but than went quickly to Daddy and did not let go, Kodi was up in the bleachers my Mom was telling Kodi "'Do you see Daddy with Mommy and KK" not until we were going up to the bleachers did he see Daddy,Kodi did not leave Aaron's side while we were with him.
We ate lunch and than had to leave him at RTC while he went to Grad and Go for his "A" school, while he was checking in we took my Mom to Midway airport which took about 4 hours there and back.
We were not sure how much liberty Aaron would get and if he would have to be back on base each night or not. Because we were in town and staying he was granted special liberty to spend this time with us. We get a full 3 days with Him, the boys love playing with him and holding his hand and just being with their Dad.
Both boys call for Daddy and want his attention, I am just glad we are able to be together for 3 days. Our family feels complete again, it will be a sad Sunday night when we have to leave Daddy at the base. Kingston was not happy to leave him after graduation, but at least during "A" school he is able to have his phone and we can call and leave a message and say good night to him.
We are very proud of our Daddy, I still cannot get over how skinny he is. It's great to have him here with us and the boys are enjoying every minute with Daddy.
I will post pictures when I get home and have the right cord.