Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday Party

We have had another great weekend, the weather was pretty good for the Birthday Party that we went to for my cousin's little girl who turned 3 . It was a great time and the kids had a blast, we than headed over to Tara's house for a get together with some great friends.

Both of my kids had enough of people and Kingston was turning into a bear so we left and came home. I was able to put both kids to bed and have some what of a quite evening, talking to Aaron. He is doing well, "A" school is going and he is enjoying his classes. He took his first test and did very well.
Today as been a fairly good day for us, church was church I was talking to the nursery leader and she told me that we will be getting (let's keep our fingers crossed) another person to be in with us. Right now we are the only two adults, but we have a small and growing nursery. For some reason the kids were having a hard time coming into nursery and did not want to part from their parents.

But all and all it was good for us at church. We came home and have had a very nice afternoon, and the boys have been great.