Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It was another good day

We have been running since this morning and it seems like we spent most of the day in the car. We got up and got ready for my OB appt, which went great, we are little sad since my Doc won't let me travel after Thanksgiving which means our Disney Trip with my Family won't be happening for us. We are trying to figure out if we will be able to go down just the 4 of us in Oct, we have been telling Kodi he will be doing to Disney World after Daddy is done with Training.
Everything looks good for me and the Baby, my OB is very happy with everything and thinks my due date is off, next month I go for my Ultrasound so we will see.
The kids were great while I was seeing the OB they watched the movie and ate their lunch, which was a little early but that was ok. We than headed to the Bank and over the Kmart by our house since they are closing. I ended up getting new head lights for our car and changed them once we got back after TTP. It had been raining and I knew we would be going out for dinner with my Mom and did not want to be without head lights. Kodi thought I was pretty strong for doing that.
Kingston did not want to go to bed tonight, I saw a text from Aaron so I knew he was still awake and I called him, Aaron ended up putting Kingston to sleep just by talking to him. It was so very cute,KK was holding the phone to his ear, I put the phone on speaker when Aaron talks to KK, and he just talked about his day and than started to whistle to him. Didn't take long for Kingston to settle back down and go to sleep. He was missing his Daddy pretty bad tonight, but I think that was because I was putting him to bed and he thought maybe Daddy would save him from going to sleep.
Kodi was hanging with Grandma tonight, and he was so very excited to tell him that Grandpa started his Harley he has been putting back together, so after Kingston was asleep I went outside to see. Grandpa was so very proud of himself for putting the bike back together. Kodi kept telling my Mom "my Pa amazing" he loves watching Grandpa work on his bike.
We than went inside and read some stories, and Kodi fell asleep in my arms while I read the last book to him. What a good way to end the day.


Kim Ashford said...

Were there any good deals at the Kmart? I didn't know it was closing. I hate that store (because so many things have broken that I have bought there) but maybe I could be tempted if the prices were right.

Jami said...

That's so sweet!!