Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kodi got his wild hair finally cut!

Ok so getting our son Kodi to cut his hair has been a huge battle for us, with this sensory problems hair cutting as well as washing his hair is a battle. So needless to say while Daddy has not been home to help me I have not gotten his hair cut, but we have been talking about getting his hair cut for a couple of days and I just continued to ask him. I told him they would not use the clippers, but the scissors, and he seemed ok with that, but it was a no go until this afternoon.
We were outside talking about getting his hair cut and at first he told me no, and than all of a sudden
he said "Mommy cut my hair,"
I turned and said "Right now"
"Yes Go to the Mall and lady cut my Hair"

With that being said I up and left, I was not going to let his chance pass us by. I did buy him a transformer on the way in so he could hold it while they cut his hair. I said countless prayers as we made our way into the mall.

The lady called his name and he went up and sat in the chair, let her spray his hair down and he told her
"My Mommy say no use those (the clippers) just scissors"
Of course for around his ears and his hair line in the bak she had to use the little clippers, but it was a HUGE step for my son. He did not scream, cry or fight us on this. Both Aaron and I are very proud of him. Kodi was proud of himself as well.

He is doing great with washing his air and loves the bath which is good, the Lord has blessed him in so many ways with the help he needs with his speech and sensory problems.

I would be posting pictures of his hair cut, but Kodi was using my camera yesterday and now it doesn't work. He was so proud that he was taking pictures all by himself. LOL now I need either to get the camera fixed or a new one.
Of course when I asked him if he knew he had broken the camera he had no idea what I was talking about, I think when he was using the focus his little finger was stopping the camera from zooming in and out, which in turn doesn't work now.

Aaron now has the internet, thanks to me sending him our laptop which I miss greatly already, but since it will help him and I had both the laptop and the desktop, I needed to share. It's wonderful to be able to chat with him at night.


Jami said...

Yay for Kodi! That's so great! I can't wait to see a picture.. even though your camera was used and abused - lol! :)