Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two days of Stress

A cute picture of Kingston eatting some cheese dip.

I have not been so good a updating my blog and I am sorry for that, we have been under a little bit of stress the last two days. Yesterday morning I was called from my work letting me know that my Mom was being taken to the hospital becauseshe was having chest pains. (A call you never want to get)
It was a long day of waiting and more waiting to hear what was going on with her. She made it to the ER after Pa had gotten there which made him nervous because she was not check in at all and they could not find her in the system.
I spent the rest of the morning, calling Family to let them know about Mom and ask for prayers.
They did a EKG which came back normal, blood tests came back normal this morning, and than she had a stress test today which came back normal. Needless to say they do not know what is going on with her, but her heart is in great shape.

She came home tonight, which was great, but all the stress from today and yesterday did take a toll on me, I was able to talk it over with Aaron which was a blessing for me. Being able to talk to him makes a world of difference for us, Kodi loves being able to just talk to his Daddy.

Tonight for dinner I decided it was going to be a breakfast night, Kodi wanted to make waffles so that is what we did. I found my Mom's very old waffle maker and I let him make the waffles. Needless to say the making time lasted twice as long but he had great fun making them, plus they were very tasty.