Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's a Boy!

Yes that is right, I found out today that I am having another little boy! Both of us are very happy about this, maybe the next one will be a girl. Kodi wasn't sure at first about having another brother, but once he saw the picture he seemed ok with it.
They are saying my due date is January 13,2010 but if little one is like our other two boys he will be coming 10 sooner! I can only pray, he comes eariler, it would make life a litte easier for us since Aaron is suppose to be going to training sometime in the middle of January to the end of January.
We should be finding out more about the big move next week. I can't wait.

Only two more months at least that is what we are hoping for!

I am sorry I have not been keeping up with the blog. Life is a little hard Dakota is having a really hard time with Daddy being gone, which in turn is very hard on me. We went down last weekend to visit Daddy and Dakota had meltdown after meltdown. Which we have continued since we have been home.
I am very stressed out from this, I finally emailed his OT to find out what I can be doing different to help him out even more. We have increased his brushing to be 3-5 times a day, we will be starting his music therapy again, and doing a lot more sensory diet each day. He is having a huge overload of emotion and doesn't know how to deal with missing daddy.
Aaron is a huge help with talking to me each night and helping me get thur the day, he right now has the outside look for helping Dakota. After all is said and done, Dakota just misses Daddy, and Daddy misses him.
Yesterday was our 9th anniversary and I am looking forward to having 9 more wonderful years ahead of us. I am very lucky to have married my best friend, one who understands me and who is willing to help me when I need it. He is a wonderful man, a wonderful father.
I am so very proud to be married to him and how hard he works at making sure we are taken care of. He is very blessed to have two wonderful little boys, and one on the way. We love Daddy very much and can't wait until Oct 23 to see him at least for 14 days!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Portsmouth, Virginia here we come

Aaron picked his orders yesterday and chose Portsmouth Virginia he will be stationed at the hospital. He also was given the FMTB which means he will be trained to go with the Marines. This was not an option for him everyone in his class was given this order.
Sometime in January he will be starting his 7 week long training for the FMTB. We are not sure when he be leaving for Portsmouth sometime after he is done with "A" school. When we will move the family down we are not sure on that as well since our little one is due sometime in January. We are looking foward to being together again.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Living Life

I have not been so very good at posting lately, I am pretty sure it's because I don't have my laptop anymore so at night I do my work and than go to bed. I am so very tried by the end of the day, running after two boys and being pregnant is very hard work.

I hope Aaron likes the pictures of the boys, he usually gets pictures from me on his cell phone when we are out doing things, but I thought I should post some of us playing outside from the other day.

Last year Kingston got a bubble machine and he loves it. Jon Erica's Boyfriend so very nicely came over on Tuesday to Fix my Durango, and while he was doing that the kids played out in the front, I usually don't let Kodi play in the front yard for a number of reason but since Jon was out there and Xander had brought over his Razor we took all the kids out to play. Boy did they love it.
Grandma even brought out the little Harley for the three younger kids to play on. Of course we unplugged the battery. Kingston does know how to push the gas peddle down but doesn't know how to steer the Motorcyle. A very big problem, but he sure does love riding it. He loves going backwords. Silly little boy.
We also found out that Max loves to stand on the Harely. Boys will be boys.
Aaron is doing well, we find out tomorrow where he will be stationed. I can tell you that this week has been a very long week for us, I really hate waiting sometimes. He is doing great on all his tests and I am very proud. He has one tomorrow, he is really enjoying what he is learning. I thought it was funny, I called him the other night because Kingston had fallen off of Kodi's bunk bed stairs, and wanted to talk to Daddy. Of course Aaron was concerned and wanted to make sure KK was ok. He was asking me all kinds of questions. I told him No blood, I dont' see any bumps he is ok. Don't worry about KK he is just fine. "So you think you know all on medical stuff now that you are in that field"? I teased him
"No you probably know more than me right now, but I soon will know more than you." He replyed. I got a good laugh from it.
We can't decide it we should head out tomorrow to see him or not, the boys really miss Aaron and Kodi continues to let me know that he is missing his "daddy"
Kodi tells me that the reason he is acting up is because "I miss my Daddy that is why". I will post where we will be stationed tomorrow! We are living life and loving it at least most of the time!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Fun

Yes the summer heat came back to us. I was complaining about the cooler weather we were having and now I wish that weather was back. But we are making the best of the heat. The kids played outside in th sprinkler and had a blast.
Kingston was being pretty funny with the sprinkler he would bend over with his butt sticking out and wait for the sprinkler to it his little bum. He than would scream and run away and he continued to do that for about 15 minutes he thought it was the best.
Dakota on the other hand was more about fighting the water with his sworn and snow shield. Actually the snow shield is his sled that the kids like to try and go down the hill on, they have not figured out that it doesn't work when there is no snow. We all just laugh at them.

Aaron has another test tomorrow and has been study for that, I went to the Dr today and the baby and I are just fine. She is very happy with me and how I am doing. Which is great to hear, at the end of the month we will have our US and find out what we are having.
Dakota had a great day at TTP he is doing so well, I am so very proud of him. They have now done two times of feeding with him to get him to just play with some new foods. He made a brocoli (Human as he put it) person than tried to squish the brocoli with his strong teeth, he only did that one, but he squished the peas three time in his teeth :)
After the OB appointment I headed over to Cub and got some frozen vegs to help him with his feeding to do at home. I picked up some snack paks for him to use for the painting and some green apple sauce as well. They want him just to play and explore the food right now, so we will have some fun days ahead of us with that.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The kids first really big storm

Yesterday was a very muggy day for us. We started off the day with

rain and no sun. Which for us was a bummer since we were heading over to Julia's party. So needless to say I did not bring the kids swim suits for the little pirate pool. Of course once we got over to their house the Sun was out and it was beatiful.
Carrie had the kids put their own toppings on the cupcakes which they loved.
Kingston decided he was going to head over to the little pool and go swimming I stopped him once, but the second time he was faster than he. Clothes and all he was soaked from head to foot. Of course he loved it. Thankfully I had some swim diapers in the car for him to wear. Out of his wet clothes and into his swim diaper he went.
Kodi decided not to change into the pair of shorts I had for him, but to stay in his pants. By the end of the party each kid had a balloon and they were playing with them outside. It was a great party and they loved it.

Of course Kingston fell asleep on the way home, and only got a 30 minute nap in for the day. But he was happy to see Grandma and Pa. Grandpa had hurt his back on Friday and is moving pretty slow. Kingston found Pa's hat and was wearing it around until they left for the store and Dr office to have Pa's back checked out.
Aaron has duty this week and is not allowed to leave the building unless for chow, and an hour of exercise. So he has been inside studying and playing on the computer.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Another week down

My very good friend Dana lost his father last night, I do not know what happen. All I know is how grateful I am to know the gospel to know that my Family will be together again. What peace that bring to you when you lose a loved one.My prayers go out to the Ooelker Family for peace and comfort during this lose.
This week has been a normal week for us, just living life and doing what we do best which is just playing. Today is raining so we are going to head over the mall and let the kids play. But since it's raining it means other Mom's will have the same idea as we do.
Last night we said good bye to a wonderful family in our ward. They are moving out to Utah and we will miss them so very much. I had the wonderful chance to work with Kathleen when she was in the RS president she is a wonderful women one who is so very selfless and comes to the Lords call when she is needed. I love their family so very much. I wish the best of luck in their new state!
Aaron did very well on his test he passed and now has off base liberty plus he gets to wear normal clothes and not his uniform all day long. I had sent him some extra shirts which he is very grateful about. He and some friends went the mall yesterday, but he said with the cost of the taxi and dinner it was a trip that he won't do very much. He next test is Tuesday and that he has another one on Friday of next week.
I am feeling pretty good right now, but it's allegery season for us and my allergies are kicking my butt. Yesterday if the kids wanted to go out and play they could, but I was not going to go out with them . Which meant for Kingston he wasn't able to go out to play. He was not a happy little guy for that reason. Maybe the rain will take some of that pollen count down for a day or so!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Sunshine

Yes another great day for playing outside. We went to Target to pick up Kodi's backpack for his speech class he has this fall, he is not looking forward to going to a new school, and is very sad that he will not be with his old Teacher Jane. I am hoping with a lot of talking about before hand and preparation for the new Teacher and school he will be just fine.
I talked to Meghan today his OT and she is very happy with the progress he is making, we have three new goals to be working on, the first one is to be able to jump with both feet together. He jumps with either one foot in front, or both feet apart. Second goal is for him to be able to throw under hand, he is able to throw over hand just fine, but can't do under hand. The third working on eating more fruits and vegs. With his sensory issues eating a variety of foods is a challenge for us. Today was the first day they tried some new foods with him, they played with some cherry applesauce drawing in it, he took a bit of a green bean and than spit it out, and played with a little kernel of corn. The program they use with the kids is called the SOS Approach to Feeding I am very excited about this program for Kodi and all that goes with it.
Both of his therapist love how much he has done with in the past 9 months he has been there. I am very thankful for both of them and the hard work they put into helping Kodi. He is a totally different little boy now that we know how to deal with his Sensory Issues and are able to help him.
Kingston has no fear once again it was brought to our attention as he tried to jump off the back steps. He just wants to be like the big kids so much, he follows them around and tries to do everything they do. I caught him again climbing up our bikes and sitting on them trying to ride. He is so very silent when he is getting into trouble, right now his favorite place to be in sitting in the fridge. He loves to open the door and sit in front of the crispers. I am not sure why, but he loves it. LOL
Aaron takes his next test tomorrow and with that test comes more off bast liberty, he is very excited for that. He has a very long day today. He was up at 1 am to get ready for his watch from 2-4 am and than stayed awake all day and is now studying for his test tomorrow. I am hoping he gets a better nights sleep than last night. His room smoke detector went off last night about 10 pm which meant he lost another hours worth of sleep.
I am doing great I am able to feel the baby move all around. This one keeps me up at night, both boys did not mind me going to bed, but this little one is moving around like crazy. I am doing pretty good with not feeling to sick. But when I do I just get out my ease and smell it makes a world of difference. So thanks Mom.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The days are getting warmer :)

We are finally get some warmer weather coming our way, the kids are super excited about that. It was so very cute today Kodi asked me if TT and the kids could come over to play so I dialed their home phone and he called Tara. Asking if Inara and Xander could come over for a "Play Date" of course they came over. Tara thought it was so very sweet of Kodi to call her and ask, the kids played outside for most of the day, around nap time they come in for about an hour to have some quite and cool off time.
Than it was back oustide for them. Tara and the kids stayed until about 4ish and than they headed back home. We always have a great time with, Xander and Inara. Today Xander brought his bike with him, the we spent a good deal of time in the front yard letting the kids ride around. Of course they all loved it. Kodi is getting very good at his little 3 wheeled little razor. He wears his helmet and zips around on it.
Kingston just follows the kids around wanting so very bad to be a big kid, I brought out his little Mickey rider to go on and for some reason he loves to go backwords on it. Even when he is driving the Harley or Tara's power wheels he goes backwords, silly little boy. But he has a good time and that is the best part.

After they left we made dinner, Kodi is here helping me make eggs in a frame, which he loves to eat, Kingston decide to squish one of the cherry tomatoes and it sprayed him right in the face, it was pretty funny. Of course he did not eat it, but he did have a good time doing that.
Kodi has been playing outside with the neighbor boys and loves it, tonight they came over and played in the backyard, for about 2 hours. We got out the squirt guns and they had a good time with that. Than it was FHE time which Kodi and I told the boys about, and Kodi was excited to explain what we do. Which was great to see him get so excited over.
My Mom told a very short story about faith and than gave Kodi some M&M's which were apart of the story, he thought that was pretty cool.
Aaron has watch this week, and his turn is in tomorrow morning from 2-4 am. Which he is not looking forward to but cant' wait for it to be over. He takes his third test this week and is looking foward to doing well and getting off base leave. Not sure what he will do with off base leave, he told me he might just go stand of the other side of the wall because he can. LOL
I am sure he will make a stop at the local mall and have a good time with his friend. He has made some good friends, one is in his little branch if you want to call it that, he is a year young than Aaron and our kids are about the same age give or take a few years. But he is on the main side of the base and not on the Core side.
We are excited for the end of the month since they are "saying" Aaron should be picking orders on the 26th, which means we will find out where we will be heading after he is done with "A" school :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dakota

I can hardly believe Dakota is 4, he is a wonderful little boy. The Lord has given us a wonderful, smart, happy little boy to watch and take care of.
For his Birthday he wanted to have a Transformers party, so that is what I did, I gave him the best Transformers Birthday Party I could give him. During the past couple of months I have been gathering some party things here and there. Target was having a huge sale on their "Transformers" Party items, score for me. I bought the plates, cups, "Happy Birthday" Sign, Hats, blowers toys. All for like 15 dollars, I just love when I get the items I want on sale.

He had asked for a water party to use our big water slide, but with how cold it's been lately it did not work out, the day was nice, but not nice enough for us to use the water slide. The kids started off with just playing outside, and having a good time. Than we called them in to Play "Don't Eat Pete" it a game we played for FHE one night, and now it's Dakota's favorite game.

After we played "Don't Eat Pete" It was time for the Water gun game. I had placed pictures of Transformers all over Tara's yard for them to shoot with the water gun, well it started off great, the kids loved it. Pa found Scott's Super Soaker and started to get the adults, which than the kids joined in and it was an all out water fight. Needless to say the kids loved it.

After the water fight it was time for Cake and Ice Cream time. I had made a Bubble Bee Cake for Kodi, I did my best and he loved it. Of course I got a picture of it on my phone for Aaron to see but not one with the camera.

Next it was present time, Dakota was very happy to open the presents and was very exicted about each and everyone of his presents. We now have many more Transformers, plus other toys, which we have already started to open and play with.

Over all it was a great Party and Dakota loved it so very much, we are truly blessed to have him in our family and I can't wait to see what this year will bring for him.

We ended the night with going to the Drive In with the Solko's, Erica and Jon, and Pants and his son. We saw Ice Age 3 it was a great movie, Kodi loved it. Kingston did pretty well in during the movie and about 15 minutes before it was over he was out. I would have stayed for the next movie but I was getting tired. I love the Drive In, 7.50 for 3 movies and kids under 12 are free. You are allowed to bring in our food, and it's just great. I am sure we will go another time before the season is over.