Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's a Boy!

Yes that is right, I found out today that I am having another little boy! Both of us are very happy about this, maybe the next one will be a girl. Kodi wasn't sure at first about having another brother, but once he saw the picture he seemed ok with it.
They are saying my due date is January 13,2010 but if little one is like our other two boys he will be coming 10 sooner! I can only pray, he comes eariler, it would make life a litte easier for us since Aaron is suppose to be going to training sometime in the middle of January to the end of January.
We should be finding out more about the big move next week. I can't wait.


Amme said...

Congrats on another boy, especially since you make them so cute!

Nicole said...

Congratulations you two! I am excited that you are having another boy.