Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Fun

Yes the summer heat came back to us. I was complaining about the cooler weather we were having and now I wish that weather was back. But we are making the best of the heat. The kids played outside in th sprinkler and had a blast.
Kingston was being pretty funny with the sprinkler he would bend over with his butt sticking out and wait for the sprinkler to it his little bum. He than would scream and run away and he continued to do that for about 15 minutes he thought it was the best.
Dakota on the other hand was more about fighting the water with his sworn and snow shield. Actually the snow shield is his sled that the kids like to try and go down the hill on, they have not figured out that it doesn't work when there is no snow. We all just laugh at them.

Aaron has another test tomorrow and has been study for that, I went to the Dr today and the baby and I are just fine. She is very happy with me and how I am doing. Which is great to hear, at the end of the month we will have our US and find out what we are having.
Dakota had a great day at TTP he is doing so well, I am so very proud of him. They have now done two times of feeding with him to get him to just play with some new foods. He made a brocoli (Human as he put it) person than tried to squish the brocoli with his strong teeth, he only did that one, but he squished the peas three time in his teeth :)
After the OB appointment I headed over to Cub and got some frozen vegs to help him with his feeding to do at home. I picked up some snack paks for him to use for the painting and some green apple sauce as well. They want him just to play and explore the food right now, so we will have some fun days ahead of us with that.