Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a great Day

I have to say I just loved today, we had no plans, nothing to do. It was just the kids and I for most of the day. We played in morning, went to target to get some Father's day things for Grandpa's, had lunch.

Went and saw Sonita and just had a great nothing day. I was than informed that around 4:30ish my Dad was going to be at Tara's house. He was coming over a day early for Father's Day. He was suppose to come on Thursday, but he canceled than he said Friday and of course canceled again, so I was not sure if he would really be coming today. Well we than headed back to target once more to get him his card and gift.

I think over all we spent 2 hours in target today, crazy. I thought maybe we should have gone to walmart, but Kodi really wanted Target, which I didn't mind since it's down the road from my parents house and not a 20 minute drive like Walmart.

Than we headed to T's house to meet everyone. We did have a good time, the kids played outside, and ran around. All 6 kids love seeing my Dad and Eli and Ashley. Eli is so very good with the kids and so is Ashley.

We had to cut our time short since KK was tired and it was close to 8, but when we got home and in the house he did not want to go back to sleep, he finally stopped fighting the sleep and gave in. Kodi headed back down to Target again with Grandma to do some grocery shopping. Grandma and Pa had been gone all day. Kodi was very excited to see them, he must have missed them.

I do want to tell Uncle Adam how proud we are of him, he graduated today with his PhD for Physical Therapy. Congrats Adam, I know how hard you have been working.

That was our day a very nice and slow paced for us, now it's bed time :)